Welcome to the CSTA's PBR database. This database was created with the assistance of the Canadian Food Inspection's Variety Registration Office, and the Plant Breeders' Rights Office (PBR Office).

Crop Varieties Registered in Canada and Plant Breeders’ Rights Status

The intent is to assist stakeholders along the value chain to easily identify PBR protection on crop varieties registered for sale in Canada. The information contained in this database is provided for general information purposes only. Every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate, current and reliable, however, recent updates, corrections and changes may not be included. Please contact the Canadian Food Inspection’s Variety Registration Office or the Plant Breeders’ Rights Office with specific questions pertaining to variety registration and plant breeders’ rights status.

Users can search by crop kind; variety name and by the type of PBR protection but using the search boxes below.

We have chosen to identify the type of PBR protection with certification marks.

  • pbr78Protected under PBR legislation that complies with UPOV 1978
  • pbr91Protected under PBR legislation that complies with UPOV 1991

Note that if PBR was applied for after February 27, 2015, under the new Act, they have provisional protection, so only the ’91 mark is used. If they applied before February 27, 2015, but have not yet been granted, we use the ’91 mark with pending because they don’t have provisional protection, but they will be protected under PBR 91.

*Please note, under both UPOV’78 and UPOV’91, parental lines of a hybrid variety can be protected, which results in the extension of PBR protection to the hybrid cross. As such, hybrid varieties of certain crop kinds, such as canola, may be protected under either UPOV’78 or UPOV’91 and this information will not appear in the database. For all hybrids, we recommend that you contact the Canadian representative directly to ascertain the status of intellectual property on that variety.

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