Plant Breeders' Rights are an important tool to help drive innovation for Canada's seed industry. The resources below contain useful business information for farmers, ag retailers, industry and much more.

PBR Database

This database was created with the assistance of the Canadian Food Inspection’s Variety Registration Office and the PBR Office. The intent is to assist stakeholders along the value chain to easily identify PBR protection on crop varieties registered for sale in Canada. The information contained in this database is provided for general information purposes only.


PBR Logos

To request copies of the Plant Breeders’ Rights logos please contact the CSTA office.

An online resource for farmers, retailers, seed conditioners and grain buyers. is a detailed source of information on the updated PBR legislation. Visit the site to better understand the changes and your obligations under the PBR rules.


CPTA Website

The CPTA website also provides resources related to PBR and offers information surrounding education, monitoring and enforcement.


PBR Toolkit

The Tool Kit is a one-stop library of the tools and resources available to help value chain members communicate with staff, retailers and customers on the changes and obligations associated with changes in the legislation. Contact the CSTA office to request printed copies for your organization.

Download Toolkit